Our mission/vision



Kitten Rescue was formed and incorporated as a charitable agency in 1997. For the first eight years, the passion of a volunteer pool which founder Sue Romaine mindfully developed, cultivated and administered fueled Kitten Rescue. Today, this philosophy of volunteer respect continues to inform the value system of Kitten Rescue and to current, Kitten Rescue’s success is enhanced by our dedicated volunteers. We have helped thousands of cats, kittens and the occasional dog in need over the past two decades.

Kitten Rescue’s Mission Statement

 We believe that saving kittens and cats from unnecessary euthanasia and other high-risk, loss-of-life or loss-of-home situations represents our greatest opportunity to advocate for kindness for all animals and to promote compassion between humans and animals for the benefit of both.

 Kitten Rescue provides cradle to grave support for vulnerable cats and other companion animals in need.

Kitten Rescue’s Guiding Philosophy

We believe in the power of cats to make us healthier, happier people. We believe in science that shows there is a positive benefit to our emotional and physical health found living with and caring for companion animals.

We also believe that caring for cats inspires us to be better stewards of all animals and of our communities through promoting volunteerism, providing assistance to the most vulnerable, and being unconditionally kind to all. We believe that respect for all lives – human and animal – is how we create a more sustainable and humane world.

 Kitten Rescue’s Vision

To be part of a world in which no animals are harmed and we work together – all people, all communities and all organizations — to assist animals in need.

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